When you are in business and you need advice, who do you turn to?

It may be natural to turn to family to use as a sounding board for new ideas and they will respond with love and often caution – they fear for your safety and do what good families should, protect you from risk.  So are they the best people to share your new business plan with that involves some hefty investment?

Perhaps you go to your business partner for a sharing session on how tough it has been for you – but don’t they have their own agenda and their issues will be forefront in their mind too?

Some people have a mentor for their business and this is great if they are a respected business owner who has made a success of their business and they can share some of the pitfalls and help you avoid them.  But do they really know YOUR business?

The person you need to turn to for advice and help should be unbiased, successful in their own right, be knowledgeable, be interested in your business and have a vested interest in you becoming successful.

Do you know someone like that?

They are the ones you can rely on.

The ones who will get to know your business, understand your hopes, dreams and aspirations and be willing to help you find solutions to problems that you thought were unfathomable.

If you have someone in your contacts who fulfills those criteria then you need to develop a great relationship with them because no business owner should do this alone. It is too hard in this economic climate to forge ahead without any support. We all need a team to pull together when times get tough, and those are the people you celebrate with when the good times come.

Don’t know anyone like that? You need a business coach.

You don’t have to walk this walk alone. You can have someone to rely on.