I am a confident business woman who juggles several balls on a daily basis and generally know my personal limitations. In fact when I feel I am out of my depth I happily refer to a close knit group of colleagues who help me on a regular basis to understand new ideas and concepts.

However I, like most people, have my demons and air travel is one of them. Not a phobia as such but a definite dislike of flying. Add to this being away from family and being halfway around the world I am currently at the time of writing without question out of my comfort zone.

So why do it? Was the trip essential? No, not at all. Will it earn me a fortune? Not directly. Could I have avoided it? Probably.
What was the point?

The point for me is personal growth. I need to grow and push myself on a regular basis otherwise not only am I not making the most of who I can be but I’m also not developing my business to the best it can be. My aim for my company is not to earn £X per year but to earn enough so that I can give more back, to my family and favourite charities. I am not driven by money but rather what it can do for me. Plus I have an acute awareness of not having enough time to do everything that I want to do for those I love. Therefore I don’t have time to nurture a dislike into a phobia, or to avoid anything that makes me nervous. In fact when I do feel like backing out of something and making excuses I hear a good friend of mine telling me to ‘just get over it!’ In other words stop thinking about yourself and start thinking of others.

Yesterday a dear friend and colleague told me her husband has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. They are already getting on with their ‘bucket list’ – you know the list you write of things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’. I realised that many people die without ever writing theirs. I therefore have absolutely no right to be nervous about a flight that thousands of people take every day. I’m grateful for booking it, I’m so glad she persuaded me to go and I am determined to make every minute count.

If your business or indeed your life gives you an opportunity to come out of your comfort zone, to try something new, to develop and grow, don’t make excuses why you shouldn’t do it. Simply look for all the reasons why you should.

And Go For It!