I am an avid reader of The Week magazine,

which puts together the best articles from the press around the world on topics such as politics, culture, the arts and sport. A quick whizz through its pages in an hour and I feel back up to speed with the world. Plotting as it does, opposing views on the same subject, it offers alternative opinions rather than staying with one broad sheet and sliding into ambivalent agreement. Add to that my daily dose of Twitter and I rarely feel I miss out.

Less and less people are reading daily papers and yet still get their dose of ‘reality’ from the media via news programmes.

And what do they tell you?

Doom and gloom. Shock and horror, leaving you feeling helpless and often incensed. How depressing.

I prefer my own version of events.

Had I bought into the hype on the recession I would never have started two businesses and enjoyed relative success with them. Had I believed the tabloids a coalition government would have been the end of Great Britain as we know it! Surely enough to make you hibernate and stock pile tinned food – but unsurprisingly we managed to survive. If I’d watched reality TV I would have been drawn in to whether a Kardashian lifestyle was preferable to my own…… sorry Kim but I wouldn’t swap for anything!

My reality is that I am a very wealthy woman. And I don’t mean in cash. Money doesn’t even come into my equation.

I currently have good health, a family who are committed and love each other, friends who I consider my extended family and a wonderful extended network or colleagues I can call on to help at any time.

I am surrounded by inspirational individuals who are intent on making a difference in the world and who support me to be the best person I can be. To me that is true wealth. I am sure if you start to take stock you will find you are pretty wealthy too.

Therefore I am successful.

I have always been successful. 30 years ago when I didn’t have the aspirational trappings that I have today I was still wealthy by my own standard. This mind set meant I could tackle any setback because I knew I had a strong foundation. What is the worst thing that could happen to me? I could lose some money. So much better than losing a friend, or worse a family member.

When I was growing up we had no money. In the east end of London we led a pretty hand to mouth existence, but as a child I never knew that, because my parents made us feel wealthy. We laughed, we looked on the ‘bright side’ we felt blessed because we had our health. The cup was always half full.

We didn’t watch the onslaught of media that influenced our thought process, we didn’t yearn for a celebrity lifestyle, we didn’t look at people on Facebook and feel envious of their holiday – we didn’t have a phone in the house let alone a computer!

So, with the benefit of history I would recommend that you protect yourself. Protect your mind set, don’t let others influence how happy you can be. Feed yourself good news every day. Develop an attitude of gratitude for what you have and what truly makes you wealthy. Once you have connected to that deep sense of fulfilment you will know that anything is possible. For you, your family and the things that matter to you.

Surround yourself with positive people who will support you in achieving your dreams, whether personal or business. Discover that living your life sharing your wealth will attract amazing things to you.

It isn’t just about the money

You may be wealthy in time – share it

You may be wealthy in love – share it

You may be wealthy in knowledge – share it

We are moving into an era of collaboration, technology is opening up opportunities for us to do remarkable things. Providing we collaborate and share our wealth for the benefit of all we can solve the impossible, not just for our local communities but for the world.

We are so lucky to be in this technological age, don’t fear the changes it brings, embrace them and with an attitude of abundance we will bring wealth to everyone.

And just imagine what a newspaper would be like if there was no doom and gloom – I’d buy that!