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Step One

Identifying the problem – why you are where you are

‘You’ve started your business, no longer employed and having to follow someone else’s rules, now you are your own boss and free. Lots of hard work but it’s worth it. Exciting times! Year 2, it is still tough, but you can see on the horizon, easier times and a better work/life balance ahead. Year 3, much the same. Year 4, surely it was supposed to be easier by now? Wondering why it isn’t working out quite the way you imagined? Are you able to spend time on the golf course? Do you get to your children’s sports day? Too busy to enjoy life and working till 10pm is not the exception it has turned into the norm? You love what you do, but running your business is getting you down. There is always too much to do and never enough time or money. Sound familiar? Whatever your issue in your business whether you are a one man/woman band or part of a team with employees, if your work/life balance is adrift there is an underlying reason that has to be identified.

Step Two

Finding The Solution – what is standing in the way?

When you work ‘in’ your business you are often too close to the issue to identify it and formulate a solution. You might not see your limiting beliefs and haven’t spotted the continual loop you are stuck in. As we all know, if you continue to do what you have always done it simply brings you the same results. We need new thinking, fresh insights, revealing your blind spot to what is really going on. Once you can see the full picture you can take the next ‘step to your success’.

Step Three

Now you have the full picture – How can I make a difference?

Understanding what, or more likely who, is causing a blockage to your growth and success requires a specific vantage point. From the privileged position of coach, we can work together to evaluate what is holding you back, illustrate a new way forward and create an action plan to break out of your current paradigm. Or to put it another way, bring YOU life changing, transformational and empowering coaching. This puts you back in love with your business, inspired for your life and motivated for a new successful abundant future.

Step Four

How coaching works – How I will bring you to the next level, make your life work for you?

When I am engaged to work with you I becomes part of your team, a friend who tells you the truth, not simply what they think you want to hear.

Meeting every month for a half day session, you will stay in contact throughout the month with Skype, calls, emails and texts with useful video, book suggestions, articles and affirmations, plus a full report of your time together for you to review and recap your learning.

Assignments, increasing your knowledge around your business and yourself are part of the process. Introducing new ways of thinking, new vocabulary, greater understanding of what it takes to get to the next level. I can also accompany you on sales meetings, networking events, Expo’s, and team building activities and then go through a debrief with you on how to make the best use of your time at these events.

I will also review your sales process and marketing materials to optimise your opportunities.

As a communication specialist, I often provide articles and reviews, written content for proposals, website, flyers, blogs, social media posts etc.

It all starts with a FREE exploratory 1 hour interview – to ensure that you and I are aligned and will enjoy the process as well as each-others company. No one wants to work with a person where there is no mutual respect, this has to be an enjoyable engagement on both sides, otherwise great results cannot happen.

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