Wow, what is happening to this world? Is this science fiction or science fact? I am struggling with the realisation that what was once an innovation, that would revolutionize the world in a generation is now making an impact in a matter of 2 or 3 years or even months!! If that is happening on the global scale what is happening locally, for your industry, for your business? Whether we like it or not these innovations have impact on us and we have to decide whether we are riding the crest of the wave or drowning in the sea playing catch up.

Are you an innovator for your industry or happy to follow the crowd? If you want to be the difference you have to start a movement like this guy you have to be prepared to stick your head above the parapet and be the lone nut trying to make a difference.

But what does this have to do with you and your business?  You possibly don’t see yourself as an innovator or leader of a movement but you have to be seen as an expert in your field. How are you accomplishing that?  Have you kept abreast of your industry’s developments? Have you kept up to date with even the latest technologies for your business?  Who do you go to for advice, mentor ship and inspiration?

We often hear that if your business isn’t moving forward then it is sliding backwards and if you haven’t picked up a business book or listened to a business guru’s CD or watched a DVD on how to improve your sales or marketing then you are simply resting on your laurels, and laurels will not keep the wolf from the door.

We leave school relieved not be in the classroom and often start our own businesses because we don’t want to be fettered by someone else telling us what to do, but in reality it can be very hard pushing ourselves to do what we know we ought to do. Keeping up to date with your industry in the form of conferences, trade journals, books, webinars and downloads will be part of the way to keep your business on track and moving forward.  Or dare I suggest a good business coach ;-) will also get the job done.

The alternative isn’t a savory option. You have to keep educating yourself otherwise you will be the business owner who is surprised when your business folds and then blames the recession for the failure.

The world is changing and if you want to be part of that movement you have to join a few nuts to be part of the game.