Our view on life is coloured by our past experiences and therefore is unique to us but it is how we view life today that shapes how our lives will be in the future.

Did you have a tough upbringing? Did you struggle from poverty and felt you deserved a break? Or were you born with that silver spoon in your mouth and can’t understand why you are having to work so hard when in your youth it was so easy?

We all have a story to tell, but that shouldn’t throw a negative shadow over the life we have now. In other words, you cannot blame your past for lack of success in your present or future.

Growing up we didn’t have the luxuries that we often take for granted now. We didn’t have a bathroom (yes it really was a tin bath in front of the living room fire), there was an outside loo – brrr –  and no hot water on tap. Don’t get me wrong, I am not 70 years old, this was at a time when my peers had central heating, colour televisions and their very own telephone – things we could only dream about. However I wasn’t jealous of them. Envious yes, but definitely not jealous because my parents never made us feel that we were a family in need. I had a wonderful childhood and spent my time dreaming of how I could have enough money to go on holidays abroad – heaven.

That hasn’t clouded my judgement of those who have more than me, I just wanted to find out how to join them in their fabulous lifestyle. I don’t look at others and think why not me, I just think “Wow lucky them, how can I do that too?” Feeling sorry for yourself over things that you can do nothing to change is wasting precious time that could be utilised to help you grow and move forward.

For example I know a lady who feels her whole life has been clouded by the fact that her father died when she was a baby. She even attributes the failure of her marriage to the lack of a father figure in her life. Now I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day identifying why her life didn’t turn out the way she expected and for some people that exploration is necessary to move forward but what I am trying to highlight is that your past has no hold over your future. You decide what sort of person you want to be today.

This then translates into your business. What sort of business do you want to have? Have you decided what the cornerstone and foundations will be? Can your values be seen running through the core of your company? It is up to you to nurture this culture within your business and you have to be the epitome of what you expect your business to grow into.

In every good business you can see the passion of the owner shining through in every detail. Michael Gerber (The E Myth) tells us how to systemise our business but every example he uses is of people who are passionate about their business. The only reason they were failing was because of their lack of structure in the everyday running of the business. They had the passion but they had failed to relay that to their staff who were simply doing a job without any identity or understanding for the big picture of what the business owner wanted to achieve.

Whether you have staff or are aspiring to do so you need them to understand your philosophy for your business, where you are now and where you intend to be. Your plan for the future will depend on what you do today and the past is only there to learn from mistakes you may have made and successes that you can repeat.

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