When you get out of bed in the morning, do you make your bed?

Are you tidy? Organised?

Or maybe you like to leave life to chance, more boho, living life in the NOW!

Whichever way you lean there is no right or wrong, but both have an impact in our wider world.

The small things we all do create the energy and consciousness that we all experience. For example; if you are in a car as a passenger and the driver experiences an episode of road rage (giving or receiving) it has an impact on you. Even if you had nothing to do with it – an innocent bystander, it will still have affected you emotionally. Likewise, have you ever seen someone laughing uncontrollably and you too ‘caught’ the giggles, even though you didn’t know why they were laughing. We are all affected by what we experience around us. Our environment will always impact us, for good and for bad.

That is the micro, what directly affects you. The macro is the bigger picture and although we don’t necessarily believe it, that too has a direct impact on us. In our ever-decreasing world we now know in detail the horrors that are occurring across the world and beamed into our living rooms. It is hard to remain impassive with scenes of war and starvation hitting us as we sit eating our dinner. Closer to home who did not shed a tear for the victims and families of the Grenfell disaster, even though we may not have known anyone who lived there?

We are all affected.

We feel the pain.

Because we are all connected

And yet we feel helpless. How can one person make a difference?

Has Humanity forgotten our responsibilities to each other and the planet?

I don’t believe it has.

Deep down we KNOW that we are to blame. It is very easy to point a finger at the big unnamed evil that rules the planet, the corporates, billionaires who don’t care – it’s all their fault! We have been coerced, conditioned and cajoled through media, education and government to believe we have no power, we cannot make a change. We couldn’t help ourselves – it was done to us.

That story absolves us of all responsibility. Poor us, we are slaves, ‘they’ made it that way, we have no choice. Continue living in a western democracy that isn’t ‘so bad’ and ignore what our intuition is telling us – that is isn’t right to allow the current status quo to continue.

We are born with free will. We have a choice NOT to be a victim.

If you acknowledge that 95% of the world’s population want to live in harmony, then we have a responsibility to find a way.

And it can take the simplest of forms.

At a festival recently, Paloma faith took the opportunity to steal 3 minutes from her slot to remind people to “be kind to one another, do at least one kind thing every day”. The crowd went wild. Yet this is all it takes to have a massive impact.

If we were all in the habit of watching out for an opportunity to be kind, do you think instances of road rage might go down? If we were looking to be kind EVERY day, do you think elderly neighbours would die alone? If we were looking to be kind every day and we were thanked by grateful people what do you think that might do for your self-esteem, your confidence and your health. One small act by YOU will have a profound effect when multiplied by millions.

This is the philosophy around BeCollaboration, the community I am proud to be a founder of. We believe you should live your life from a space of love – for your fellow man, connection – to be kind supportive, and abundance – to share what we have, there is enough for everyone.

‘Yes yes, all very lovely, be kind, share the love, do a good deed blah blah blah….

That doesn’t really make an impact with the BIG issues, does it!’

What about the fight against plastic? Entrepreneurs are making great progress setting up retail outlets such as Unpackaged https://www.beunpackaged.com/about-us/ and the giant supermarkets are slowly following. Demand from the consumer, doing the right thing, re using bags, utilising social media to test the market and gain a following, all show we want to do the right thing and one by one we are being given alternatives to the packaging that is used. I personally feel miserable wandering the aisles of a supermarket and so shop at our local market where I can pass the time of day, find out where my tomatoes have come from and learn what is in season. By shopping responsibly, I have an impact, not only on the sellers but also for me. Eating food in season is better for me, viewing shopping as a pleasant activity where I get to know the people in my town and being kind where I can, connects me with my community. It’s a win/win. Even if watching the pennies, it makes sense – always bargains to be had at the end of the day and no packaging! Less waste and even more exercise by walking into town.

We have a choice, go blindly into a supermarket for ‘convenience’ take home way too much (I only went in for a pint of milk) throw away a mountain of packaging and even more food at the end of the week because your BOGOF bargain was a waste, or choose to buy consciously. Don’t be a victim of habit, be empowered to be the best for you AND the planet.

‘In the real world of business, it is still a dog eat dog world and ‘being kind’ just doesn’t have an impact.’


As a business coach I often work with clients who tell me they have ‘troublesome staff’. Staff who won’t stay, staff who cause problems, staff who are lazy. Taking time to understand them, find their values and nurture their dreams creates a much more powerful relationship than the old Victorian era of ‘I pay your wages you do as I say’. This authoritarian approach is self-defeating. When you were at school did you do your best for the teacher who really understood you and worked to get the best from you, or the one who shouted loudest? We all want to feel valued and when someone sees us, acknowledges us, believes in us we generally move heaven and earth to do our best for them.

Sometimes all it takes is a word of kindness to get that respect.

So, whether you want to make an impact in the wider world, or simply the one that affects you every day, it is all part of the bigger picture. We all affect each other, we are all connected. YOU have the power to make a massive impact with your life and it starts with you making a conscious choice over who you will be, from the moment you wake up, to the moment you climb back in your bed.

Feel good about yourself, love yourself and spread that to those you meet.

Make your bed every day – you deserve it, you are blessed with a bed, be thankful.