What is the difference between small business coaching, executive coaching, mentoring, consultancy and life coaching?

Well if you look at the outcomes then very little. All profess to grow your business, increase turnover, make a difference to your profit and revolutionise your life. The major difference is what you need and when you need it.

If you were just starting out you might want the security of a business consultant who will show you how you set up your business in the Harvard Business school way of doing things.

If you were pretty sure what you wanted to do but something just seems to be holding you back, then a life coach might be more appropriate as they will venture into the limiting beliefs that you find difficult to face.

If you have come from the corporate world and are launching on a new career then a mentor would be able to show you how they did it, what gave them their success and you could choose to follow their route to riches.

If you were growing your business rapidly and needed help getting your executives up to speed then an executive coach might be more appropriate – this stuff isn’t rocket science, is it?!

However a business coach should have experience in running a small business, preferably several small businesses and will have been through the ups and downs of business life and understand the pressures to bear. They will be adept at spotting pitfalls and more importantly seeing the opportunities that take a business from good to great. A small business coach can offer insights like a mentor, overviews like an executive coach, help with limiting beliefs like a life coach as well as share their experiences of success and failure. A business coach meets you where you are and moves you to the next level – wherever you choose that to be.

If you don’t know the sort of help you need then get in touch and we can discuss what will work best for you. Whatever you choose I will do my best to connect you with the right person to work with you on your journey to success.