Do you know what makes you different from the rest?

Do you know why I should buy from you and not your competitor down the road?

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

I was at a conference recently and among the 300 or so delegates there were a plethora of business coaches, consultants and mentors all vying for recognition and aiming to increase their business. I was one of many. How did I stand out from the crowd?

Here are some of the ways I strive to be different;

  • I was a woman – I saw it as a positive, some may not
  • I was a speaker at the event
  • I had written a book
  • I had produced a DVD
  • I had a large Twitter following
  • I had amassed some testimonials that were available to view
  • I was independent and not slavishly following a franchised system
  • I had been in business for over 25 years

All of these attributes might have secured me a new client but the one difference I had that made me stand out from the crowd was that people knew what I believed, they understood where my passion was coming from and they wanted to associate with my values.

Simon Sinek explains more here

It isn’t the ‘stuff’ you churn out, it isn’t the length of experience you have, it isn’t even having one raving fan, it is the fact that people believe what I believe, identify with my philosophy of life and want to work and align themselves with what I stand for. In all of my products, books, blogs, teachings I share my OTT philosophy of Openness Trust and Transparency. I believe in teamwork, pulling together, collaboration and cooperation and working together for a common good. When people see my passion is for those things rather than simply making money they want to work with me.

What does your company stand for?  What do you stand for?  And when you clearly understand what you believe, make sure you share that with everyone, your employees, suppliers, clients and prospects. Once you surround yourself with such like minded passionate people you will find you never have to go to ‘work’ again.

Every day will be amazing!