How Does BeCollaboration Fit With Steps To Success?

As a solopreneur and founder of Steps To Success I was working independently growing my business and helping business owners one business at a time.

I expanded when I developed my Business Forum and was able to help up to 20 businesses at a time.

I then met Erkan Ali and his vision stretched to a global presence building a team and helping hundreds if not thousands of business owners and organisations and individuals by utilising collaboration. Before we could go down that path we had to see if we were aligned. What was our purpose, our BEING? We spent the best part of a year testing the conversation and we came to the realisation that what we were passionate about, was slowly becoming a movement. BeCollaboration was born.

We both wanted to help people move away from the current paradigm of FEAR, SCARCITY and COMPETITION to a new empowering one of LOVE, CONNECTION and ABUNDANCE. The power of what we could achieve was in the context of our mission. We created the Vision and the community followed. We currently have 4 groups around the south east who meet every month to collaborate, share, learn and grow. The culture of the BeCollaboration community is like no other.

The journey we embarked on needed documenting, so many amazing stories were coming out of the community, what they achieved, what they created and how they were transforming their lives, so I wrote the book to capture the magic. You can find this book on my products page.

Steps To Success is where I work my magic for individuals, BeCollaboration is where, with the power of collaboration, context and community, we can change the world!

Should you wish to meet me or indeed any of the collaborators you can find details of all meetings by clicking on this button…