Steps to Success

"Every journey of a thousand miles, begins with but one small step." - Lao Tzu
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What Does Success Look Like To You?

Are you yearning for that fancy car? Or do you want to give your family more space to grow by moving into that detached house you always dreamed of? Do you simply want to work 3 days a week because life has become more stressful and you need that space to actually enjoy life?

Sound Familiar?

How long have you been working towards your goals, a year, maybe 3 or even 5? How is that working out for you? Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel and are so close you can almost touch it, or does it still feel like something you will do…. once you win the lottery.

Make life easier for yourself, you don’t have to struggle on alone. Those dreams, wishes, aspirations, goals and targets are all achievable but sometimes we need help to get us there,

Let Me Help You. It’s What I Do

There are a variety of ways we would work together to make it happen, depending on your learning style, personality profile, time restraints and payment terms. Whatever fits your needs, this is not a one size fits all service. I am going to work with your skills and talents to ensure the best fit for your business. As part of your team I also lend my specialisms to the task at hand, whether that is copy for the website, inspiration on social media or additional marketing materials, you have a communication consultant at your disposal.

Who I Am

I am an author, international speaker, trainer and coach for the SME market.

I currently own 3 businesses and work with clients across the UK and abroad.

I have been in business for over 28 years and have honed my skills in the area of communication. I am a qualified iMATM practitioner and my Mastermind specialist subject is networking – having trained many franchisees across the world in the art and practice of networking and building relationships. I have also devised a 7 Step Strategy to ensure networking success at every event and produced a DVD on the subject, called ‘Networking NOT Working?’.

I have written 2 books, the first one ‘STEP UP From Desperation To Inspiration’ is designed to help small business owners get out of the ever decreasing circle that is currently leaving them feeling out of control. The second one charts the journey of my latest passion BeCollaboration. Called ‘Making of a Movement, The BeCollaboration Story’ it tells the journey to build a community with collaboration at its heart. I believe that collaboration can empower individuals to BE the change the world needs to see. This can only be successful when coupled with an understanding of context, – what is your WHY? Once you understand the contextual conversation everything becomes possible.

I am married to Alan and have two grown up daughters. I currently live in Hertford but a London girl at heart. I create my life balance by playing badminton, singing in a choir, a member of a local book club and avid theatre goer, both local and West End. Travel features heavily in my itinerary and my ambition is to create BeCollaboration groups across around the world.

Gill Tiney

Who Gill enjoys working with

I work best when I am having fun, can see your potential, and am excited by what you want to achieve. This means I specifically look for:

  • People who are passionate about their business
  • Partnerships where communication is breaking down, or not as clear as it might be. When your partnerships can fly, everything else is easy – in and out of your business
  • People who are up for stepping outside of their comfort zone – it is where the learning in life is living
  • Women who have a dream and aren’t ready to let it die
  • Men who realise that going it alone isn’t necessary – there is help
  • Left brain, analytical thinking, detail driven genius who want to access their right brain visionary potential
  • Those who are running their business and who want to get back to happy

I first met Gill at a networking event where she delivered an incredibly inspiring presentation on achieving your dreams and opening our minds up to the endless possibilities that are out there for us all. Immediately I was struck by her warmth, professionalism and enthusiasm for helping others achieve their goals. I instantly knew that Gill was the coach that I had been looking for and a few months later I started working with Gill to build my business and (not knowingly at that time) develop myself as a human being. I mistakenly thought that Gill would give me some useful and practical business advice and send me on my way each session. I had no idea how much impact she would have on me as a person and how she has helped me to link up my personal values, beliefs and business goals to build a life that not only has a positive impact on my own wellbeing but one that also makes a difference to others.

When I started working with Gill I lacked direction, confidence and a strong sense of self. Less than a year later, I am self-assured, focused and fully understanding of how my attitude and positivity can shape my success and lifestyle. It is mind-blowing to think that less than a year ago I felt an impostor in my industry, too afraid to stick my head above the parapet and now I am positioning myself as an expert in my field with a published book and a niche market that is steadily growing.
I never knew what it felt like to feel empowered until I met Gill and I would recommend her to anyone looking to build a life that makes a difference.
Ross Willshier

Photographer, Images as individual as you are

It’s Your Business

I don’t want to tell you what to do, I don’t want to mentor you and say, if you do as I do you too will be successful. I believe that every business, although having many similarities, are also very different because of the person running them. I want to help you to understand your business and find out exactly what works for you. What are the bits you love, what do you struggle with, what is important to you, what options do you have? I want to put the fun back into your business and ignite your enthusiasm that you had when first decided to become your own boss.

Let’s Do It!

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