the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity“.

The world is an angry place right now. Think about it;

An election is an excuse for political parties to retreat to their corners and come out fighting

Fake news, alternative facts is building a belief that we can trust no one

Wars across the globe are fought not on religious grounds as we would be led to believe but on who has the most oil, a fight no one will win

And Dictators use democracy to get back in power

The world has gone mad.

And yet you and I know that there is much more in this world that is good, and pure and beautiful. Every day, when you look for it, you will find gestures of kindness and good will. In the London Marathon on Sunday Matthew Rees gave up running his race in order to support a fellow competitor to complete the race and merely dismisses his actions by saying ‘anyone would have done it’. There are websites dedicated to good news publications online and off solely to distribute good news. Arianana Huffington stated in the Guardian that Huffpost algorithms show good news stories are shared more often than the bad news. Its what we want, what we crave for, yet journalism has yet to catch on.

On Ted.com https://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_lesser_take_the_other_to_lunch Elizabeth Lesser shares her theory on how to be the change that we want to see. Rather than view life in ‘them and us’ terms, people who are opposed to our views being seen as ‘others’ she would invite the ‘others’ to lunch. Following the African philosophy of Ubunto where there is a need for understanding not vengeance.

Imagine an election where politicians came together to work out the best policy for all. Where money spent on armies was not needed because solution based dialogue was the norm, and it was agreed that the money was better spent on healthcare. It all starts in Elizabeth’s view by us, taking the ‘other’ to lunch.  So for example, if you are a conservative, take a long time labour voter to lunch and rather than try and convince them of your standpoint work hard to understand theirs. You may not come away changing your politics but you will have bonded over a common belief that education, NHS, local government need to change.

After all the ‘other’ whatever their viewpoint is a Human Being first. Just like us. Having an opinion different to us doesn’t make them the enemy, simply a bridge to be crossed to a better understanding.

The beginning of collaboration.